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Kash after all your efforts you're thinking of giving up now?

I know you went through your finances earlier but stay another month please. Surely you can find the money from someone at home? You have effectively in the grand scheme of things only just got there. You have spent all this time becoming a face at the airport getting to know everyone only to leave now, before what I understand is the main hiring season? When they need a pilot, you're the number one in the queue, if you get up and leave one of the Johnny come latelys will take your spot.

You talk of "the unemployment storm", do you really think it would be any better in the UK at the moment? Now that you've paid for the flight out there it's probably costing you less to hang out there and not work than it would to be kicking you heels around the UK not working and trust me the weather is better and it sounds like you're having fun.

From what I understand some guys have to hang out for three months before they get a break, I know that's a long time to be in a tent. Can you try and find other work? Be a barman or work at the airport and then find more solid accomodation? It will make you look like you're there for the long haul and cement some of what you've done so far.

Don't leave early and be the fifth Beatle. It's going to be a war of attrition and the last man standing will win.

Buck up and hang in there.

Muddy Boots.
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