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Well dude, just to echo everyones sentiment here, well done and good luck! You really are doing what most people dream about or talk about doing yet never have the guts to strive to achieve. As a fellow poster mentioned we had the same idea yet you actually have taken that step.

You will no doubt have lows during yr time away. Keep positive and strong. Remember how you felt at Vic falls? Well keep that in mind, maybe try to take another trip if its permissable just to boost yr morale! At times like these, read through all the positive comments posted here.
Also bear in mind that your postings are also motivating a lot of people back home.

Your experiences now will also be a fantastic talkin point in future interviews or for those long winded application forms! You are already much more positive about a lot of things than many others so keep that focus in mind.

Good luck and keep us posted! You will never know whats around the corner!
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