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Afternoon guys,

Hope all is well and good, just back from a dip in the swimming pool at Audi. God it has been a hot day, been into the airport to show my face to the operaters and to see if i could get on any flights. But again no progress today either.

Came back to the camp pretty early today. Tired from the lack of sleep.
Met one more wannabe today. Im not sure if im now starting to suck sour grapes but i really couldnt be bothered doing the whole "Welcome to Maun" speach.

I'm starting to find myself at a low point for the past few days, constantly wondering when this unemployment storm will pass over me. Starting to think maybe i have bitten of more than i can chew.

I will be calling emirates tomorrow just to enquire of when they can get me home. I starting to think that i have to accept defeat. But i gave it my best shot i could.

I'm still going to fight for a job until the last day i am here. But sometimes after fighting so long you get tired maybe thats whats happened to me. Maybe im just tired!!

I'm not going to confirm my flights just enquire about them. I feel like im constantly moaning about not getting employed. Maybe i've just not got what it takes.

I feel silly, coming on here trying to show you all on what to do and not to do. To get your first job, but i dont think ill get my first job yet to show you. But dont any of you DARE let your hopes down about your career. Make sure you fight for the first job and dont let anyone tell you that you cant do it. Think of all the people who look upto you or that are proud of you.

Again i will take this struggle to the end and see if i can get my foot on the ladder. I still have strength and hope, but at the moment they are damaged. Maybe after a goodnight sleep i will be able to recover.

For all those reading thank you, and for all those posting and PM me i salute you.

Take care and Godspeed!!
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