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starting salary for a rated controller is 50805eu plus shift allowance for 24hr shift cover weekends and nights making a total of 64522k

my point 70150 or 89091 inc shift

max. 83459 or 105993 inc. shift
its a 20 year scale and on average, in Ireland a 70k salary attracts about 54% in taxes and various levies you can see the kind of Massive money we get.

Pension is 50% of final pay after a minimum of 40 years service and retiremant age is 65, yes 65.

Sober Lark
look at the top of this page. It says that this forum is for PILOTS who wish to talk to ATCOs.
I've read with much interest your other posts on the passengers forum because, yes, you are a passenger.
Not a Pilot
Not an ATCO
Not welcome
So take your place at the side of the runway, sellotape the middle of your glasses and watch the professionals at work.
You've had your 15 mins of fame lording your shallow spiteful and largely irrelevant opinion in a forum your not qualified to be in.
As the labour Court ordered management to reinstate the staff and ordered them to negotiate on the project work and bound them to the findings its obvious that OTHER professionals agree that your heroes in IAA management were wrong. BTW we agreed to return to project work after the court ruled against management as a token of goodwill.

Put simply WE WERE, RIGHT THEY WERE WRONG it doesn't matter what their PR said.
They lied to you in your vulnerable flight cancelled state. (fly ryanair, you get used to it ) and you believed them.
You and your poor damaged ego go home and let Pilots and ATCOs get on with it.
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