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Jamer, at the moment you are in the training high, its going well, you are living with good friends having a riot and life seems very good. To be honest, enjoy it and try not to worry about what is waiting for you as you need to concentrate on your flying! However do start to give it some thought from a financial point of view. PPP and all that!
However, if you really really don't care about losing your house I will buy it from you for 50 today. PM me and we will arrange the deal. No? So you do care really, I am sure you do. I understand where you come from but don't be surprised at the strength of the replies you have received as some people are experiencing horrendous heartache at the moment and flippant comments like yours only twist the knife further.

FBF(and Jamer), Not everyone is having a go! 10 kicks in the balls to every pearl of wisdom, bit like the job market. People are telling others how it is at the moment.
People may be posting on here saying timescales are getting longer etc etc. Its because they are trying to provide others with information so that they can plan and see what's happening. How is that not supporting aspiring pilots!?!?! Just because you don't like the information you are given you should not just start to ignore it. Read about the mount Erebus accident and see what a false mental model can do!!!

What would you prefer. Unity and cohesion full of lies. Train it's great. You will be out of the hold pool soon and you will will be on 65K before you know it with full benefits. Come on brothers its wonderful....
Or the truth so people can plan?!?!

P.S those conditions you are prepared to work with FBF I am trying to improve. At the moment I am cajoling the union to fight for you. Telling everyone I can about what is happening to try and get them to fight for you. I have already said I would strike tomorrow to defend your future T&C's. I am emailing the union, posting on forums etc trying to help. I think you will find we are supportive Jamer!!! Sometimes I think, do you want to be saved though!?! We try and you tell us stop being so gloomy as it breads malcontent!!!

I tried to stay positive but didn't so you will probably disregard my post. Well I was only trying to help. Part of me wonders why I bother spending my own time doing so?! Do you know what, I don't think I will anymore. Bye.

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