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I used to pay attention to what others like WWW and the rest of them have to say... but now all they do is state there's absolutely sweet FA out there. The predicted timescales get longer, the rhetoric increases, and self-congratulations abound over how right they were it was always going to end in tears
Isnt that a good thing? Surely these posters make no monetary gain for giving such advice, yet go on OAA's forum they seem to have a paid 'advisor' on there suggesting not to read PPRuNe!!!

Im sorry but anyone who invested their money and time in such a course recently needs sectioning! I have a very good friend who was 'lucky' to come out of OAA a couple of years ago and get into FR to pay for a type rating. Bear in mind this was the time that BA were recruiting (whom he pinned so may hopes on getting into!!) and it has gone down the swanny!

My instructor (who has nothing to gain) always tell me, never pay more that 40K for your ATPL, particularly never go to an intergrated school. Now he does not do the ME/IR anymore, but when he did a number of students ended up at BA.... This is by no means a well known FTO either!

As for not being worried about losing YOUR (parents?) house. Please tell me when you get an airline job and i will make sure i never fly with you. Surely excellent risk analysis is a certain pre-requisit for any pilot?
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