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Throwing away a house for a year of flying and drinking in the Tron?

Muppetry of the highest order.

The dreams and excitement of which you speak came from the fact that the course was regarded as the golden ticket to a permanent contract in the RHS of a shiny jet. That opportunity has for now, and possibly permanently disappeared.

This thread is no longer about passing on the gen about how to pass the various stages of selection. It is about the lucky ones amongst us who happened to escape the system just in time and get a job, and those that weren't so lucky, finished a matter of weeks later, and now find themselves trapped in the cycle of temporary contract work, warning the starry eyed wannabes that gambling a house (whoever it happens to belong to) on the CTC Wings Scheme is not worth it at the moment.

Jamer, you and your course mates can stick your heads in the sand and ignore this bleak, soul destroying forum. And whilst you complete your training I would be doing exactly the same, for you have no other choice. But 70k for a flying holiday in NZ is nothing to be proud of. And yes you should care about being in debt. Because the thing about which you profess to care so little, is part of the reason you won't see a permanent flying contract in the near future,

As one particular thread on the CTC forum suggests, many of us ex-cadets are not happy at all about the future for those that follow behind us. We comment on here not for self-gratification, but because we understand what it means to have to make repayments on a massive loan in the here and now. Not some time in the future, but now.
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