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Another point of view

Dear all,

just thought I'd throw my opinion in. This thread used
to be a place for dreams and excitement, now it is a miserable dump. I have just finished the New Zealand phase and only a few hours to
go to irt. The last year of my life has been amazing. Yes I'm massively in debt, yes I may loose my house if I can't repay my loan but do I care? No. Would I do it again. Most definately. Just my experience chaps. I'm sure the other cadets from my course who have become very close friends would agree but I doubt they'll be looking here because of what a bleak, soul-destroying place it has become due to their supposedly supportive peers.

So here's to those inexperienced cadets cleaning your windows and serving your coffees and who knows maybe we'll all have jobs one day.

Good luck to you all.

Signing off and still smiling, jamer x
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