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Hang on a minute, their genuinely is no problem with low hour pilots flying airliners, the problem is underselected, thick, dreamers who do it for the uniform, the status and the initial thrill. That sums up the Oxford situation. They have been filtered by nothing more than their ability to pay. The problem with the CTC situation is having selected individuals flying with extreme money worries or extremely tired from the excessive lengths they have had to go to to 'perform' the job.

I'll reiterate, their is nothing wrong with having less experienced people in the RHS of a jet airliner with an experienced pilot in the LHS. Provided the individual is selected, has absorbed all knowledge and carries realtively average stresses in their life then thre is no reason for worry at all. Thinking that because someone has 1000 hours more sitting behind an autopilot on a light twin/ TP makes them more suitable is nuts.
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