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FFR, these schemes make my blood boil also for a few reasons. The same reasons as you I am sure! These schemes will impact upon every last one of us eventually.

If we could get all the CTC and OAA cadets in one room and explain why they shouldn't take this deal we would be sorted. We can't. They need to present a united front to fight these contracts. They can't so thats why I don't blame the cadets. I know people have said no to this deal. Them saying no and explaining to their mates the very good reasons why they didn't take it didn't stop others from doing so. Unfortunately this is the real world we live in.

I am not saying take on more debt as you are going bankrupt. I am not saying take the industry down with you. Its a shit offer but its pretty much all there is. The airlines know this and thats why they are offering it!!!

In the ideal world one cadet would say no, the rest would follow on from their lead and the offer would be upped. We don't live in an ideal world.

I blame the airlines and to some extent the training providers. You blame the cadets. Well lets agree to disagree on that one and focus our efforts in trying to cajole those that can prevent this from happening. Balpa/local MP etc.

If this does make its way to the press I would not be unhappy at all to see it get national coverage.
Disco, my hope would then be that things would return slightly to normal. Supply and demand will always be a factor but rather than heading towards the current plan of a mobile workforce on temporary contracts and paid by the flying hour we will remain with permanent contracts and fixed bases.

P.S not that it matters but its 35k for type rating or 28/hr (not 58) while flying. I view it as the latter. Whichever way though its a joke!
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