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Cheers for the comments guys, its basically what has gone through my mind.

Fullflapsretard I can understand your angry but regret you couldnt be constructive. I would love to turn the offer down, hell I could be a hero and save the industry by telling all my mates not to take it but thats massively unrealistic! Also you have your numbers wrong, CTC are not wanting 35k up front and if we don't fly they don't get their money, again as alpha.charlie said I am not defending it but its not a Type Rating with 75hours, its a TR with about 600. Also, I will probably earn more through this deal than by stacking shelves at Lidl (Morrisons...thats merely a pipe dream).

One post only you really hit the nail on the head. Its on the guys already in the industry and the union we hand over money to to save the day. I would be more than happy for this 'opportunity' to be taken away from me as long as I knew the next guys wouldn't be taking it. Unfortunately that is not the case.

On another note I don't understand people signing up to start today, I only ever signed up to pay 60,000 unsecured. Ok that didn't quite work out, but they are knowingly signing up to 110,000 of secured debt for the same thing when the industry is on its knees...really scary stuff!
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