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Flapsfull - the guy came on here and asked for...

constructive comments of what other choices I have
Not a load of blood-boiling ranting tell him what he shouldn't do. So instead of sitting and pontificating that "you are part of the very problem that has you over a barrel", why not answer the question and come up with some suggestions of what other options the poor guy and the hundreds in his situation have? Or is it that there aren't any? They can all choose not to do it, as you suggest, but then what? There are consequences of choices and decisions which have to be considered.

Not everyone is cut out for instructing or, as others frequently suggest, flying knackered Caravans or Aztecs around the middle of Africa, and what makes you think there are jobs for everyone in that part of the industry? I personally couldn't ever see myself sitting in the right hand seat of a rusty 152 teaching nervous kids how to fly.

I'm as against this disgraceful attack on new joiners' (and eventually all of our) T&Cs as everybody else, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people in the industry know nothing about what is happening. You can't criticize the CTC guys for taking it though, deplorable as it is. I don't know whether I would or not, I'm fortunate enough not to be in that position, but I can understand why these people would take what crappy deal is on offer to them.

Now if it was the same deal as the OAA lot are being offered... it would be a different matter.

i should have RTFQ but i had rage because these schemes make my blood boil
You might want to look for the 'shift' button on your keyboard sometime as well.
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