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Well no, not quite.

The photographs are genuine, but they're purely representative. The "test shot" of the Buccaneer as illustrated is undoubtedly 48th scale (we see a human hand on one photo which confirms this) but countless modellers on the modelling sites (most of whom base their conclusions on hope rather than knowledge) are convinced that the finished kit will be 32nd scale, even though there's no reason to reach this decision. The Jaguar appears to be planned for 32nd scale but again there doesn't seem to be any official word from the manufacturer.

Photos of the Lightning kit did emerge prior to its release but Trumpeter were clear about this kit and it appeared in their production schedule and catalogue very quickly. Now we have the appearance of a mysterious guy called "Mr.Song" who seems to be claiming (on various forums) that he is working on these kits for Trumpeter, but he steadfastly refuses to provide any direct answers, and merely teases modellers on their forums with cryptic comments. Consequently, I think it unwise to be wasting anybody's time gathering reference material for someone who could well turn-out to be some random lunatic who simply enjoys winding-up modellers with mental ages of five or less! It's simple - if Trumpeter want the assistance of people who can help and know what they're talking about, then maybe they could try asking in a more adult manner?

This is the kind of thing that is going on - as illustrated at the very start of this thread:-
Trumpeter are going to produce a kit in 1/32 scale (we think) that will be huge but can someone tell me for them, this is the info at the moment we are after
I mean, are you suggesting that you're striving to help someone who can't even be bothered to tell you what scale the kit will be?! Madness!

As for the Buccaneer kit, it will be very welcome if it does turn-out to be 32nd scale but in the absence of any facts from the manufacturer, nobody knows. If it is 48th scale then it will merely duplicate the kit which Airfix has been producing for years. Admittedly it looks much better in terms of quality and detail but it will inevitably cost 2-3 times the price of the Airfix kit, so it will hardly be worth it. Trumpeter do produce many aircraft in 48th scale (their new Su-24 and F-100 for example) so both the Jaguar and Buccaneer may well turn out to be only 48th scale kits. Hopefully they will not be!
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