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This story has been going-around on two modelling forum sites for days and days now. The photos come from a guy who claims to represent the manufacturer (Trumpeter), but - inexplicably - the guy seems incapable of answering even the most direct questions. Despite repeated requests he strenuously avoids stating what scale the finished kit will be, and when it is likely to be released. This has led some of us to believe that the guy may well not be who he says he is, and is merely some random model builder who has access to the company's images - and enjoys teasing modellers who are too childish to know any better.

The threads on the modelling sites are almost hilarious. Endless posts from modellers whipping themselves into a state of frenzy even though the kit may well turn-out to be merely the same scale as Airfix's kit which has been available for years (at less than half the price). Some people insist that the mysterious man from Trumpeter is "for real" because they've actually emailed him directly and (*gasp*) sent him information! Seriously, you couldn't make it up, it's co comical.

Needless to say, I'm being branded as almost Hitler-esque by mentioning to these crazed people that they are probably being fooled. There's an unwritten rule on modelling forums that you can only say what people want to hear, otherwise everyone bursts into tears. However, now that this crazy tale has drifted into a more professional forum, might I suggest (yet again) that somebody persuades the mysterious man from Trumpeter to actually explain who the hell he is, before even more people waste their time sending him material?

Just a thought...
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