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Jaguar model

I would also mention the mass of holes seen in the rear heat shields at the rear of the fuselage. These panels were held on on their extremities by mush head screws. The rest of their internal structure was rivetted on with tiny (3/32") countersunks. The fwd heat shield panels had cut outs for mounting the tailplane range measuring protractors. Again, small details but seeing they have gone to town on it.

Yeph, the GR1 /GR3 ADEN barrels do not protude out of the blast fairing. There are two gas deflector plates in that area of the Brit kites. Also the Brit nose is missing the standby pitots, the TAT sensor and AOA sensor. The AJAX / Dash pot panel on the starboard side was never hinged either. It was release the QRFs and take it off.
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