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Well it would have wouldn't it!

It even has folding wings!
May I enquire if all the detail behind the various panels will be visible once the model is completed? If the hatches have to be glued closed then there is probably no point in some of the internal detail and the consequent likely increased purchase price.


PS. Just a query as to the title of the thread, NutLoose? Why 'Buccaneer Pilots'? I will ask 2 of my fellow Navs on the Bucc Aircrew Association Committee for the definitive answer as they will have much more reliable info than the pilots; the 2 in mind have published 2 excellent books on the Bucc and one is our historian with a vast library of info.
PPS. Just for your info - the Bucc was very much a 2-man aircraft with absolute equality in the cockpit. Notwithstanding that navs were never allowed to be captain they often authorised student pilots when they were in the back seat on his FAM 2 on the OCU!

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