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But Loubylou, we've already established from a previous poster that the airport at which I conduct almost 50% of my landings is not equipped to give any visual signals.

Perhaps better references would have been as follows:

4.2.3 Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) For the purposes of these procedures, ATC will expect an IFR flight following the ATS route structure to adopt the
IMC procedure in paragraph 4.2.4. If there is an overriding safety reason, the pilot may adopt the VMC procedure.

I don't think that being on short final counts as "following the ATS route structure" and even if you argue that it does, this paragraph only details what ATC will expect, it does not mandate my following of the IMC procedure. Subject to the provisions of paragraph, an IFR flight experiencing communication failure in VMC shall:
When VMC can be maintained, the pilot should set transponder to Mode A, Code 7600 with Mode C and land at the nearest
suitable aerodrome.

Since I am on short final, I would suggest the airport ahead is the nearest suitable.

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