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I'm not really offering this up as an arguament. I am PIC of a UK passenger a/c (when at work) and I'm simply pointing out what I would do.

Now, in the years I've been flying, the issue we are discussing has never happened to me. So it's not a prevalent issue, that's for sure.

For the purposes of the arguament tho', Our airline has a SOP. I'm closely guided by it and it helps me in the operation.

The Rules of the Air have similar influence.

At work. I mainly do as I please. Naturally, it usually 'pleases' me to conform with both the SOP and the Rules of the Air.

Flying is a practical job though. Not like, for example, accountancy.

If I need to step out of the SOP the airline has given me the required permission. The last 'SOP' says 'disregard any of the SOP if you need to'

Like I posted earlier, if I was 100% sure it was clear I'd land.

Might have to do an ASR, but can't see anything worse happening.

Blundering about class A airspace with no comms, and possibly cocking up the well thought out lost comms procedure (probably 'cos you haven't briefed it, or even thought about it) seems to me to have many possibly unfavourable outcomes.

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