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Hi all,
new on the forum, i'll spend a little time next week to introduce myself.

I just read the thread, and want to update G BRVH news.
The A/C has been sold by French Authorities through a sealed bid last year:


I bidded, I won.... I'm very glad, it was a lucky strike.

The A/C sat from summer 2004, seized by French Customs for smuggling in a hangar held by Aero-club de la Somme, the customs paying the hagarage.

The A/C is in very good condition, I agreed with LAA for a top overhaul, a flight test and a transition training. I hope I will fly it next spring: I sourced the spare rings last week (eventually after one year seek) in the US.

Quilmes, I'm very glad you know the A/C, do you know some of the previous owners? I got in touch with Ian Bellamy, the builder, I'm looking the folllowing owners to trace the A/C documentation.

Heinz, I'm quite tall (184 cm) but fit into the beast with a little spare headroom. The usefull load is somehow very limited, 130 kg with full tanks if I remember well. I'll check for you. For information G BRVH is limited to 1400 lbs (I saw som up to 2000 lbs in the US) due to aft CG limitation after initial flight tests. The AC was turning upside down at stalls, wich did not pleased the LAA, the authority in chage by CAA to survey construction and release the Permit to Fly. The aft CG limitation solved the problem.

Maybe the CG story is one of reasons for the lost type A/C in the US, and the LAA request is wise... I'm confident anyway in the behaviour of the thing.

I'll keep everybody posted of the job progress.


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