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I can see what'll happen here. We'll all complain that the Group Captains and their ilk are a waste of space, we'll cheer when the next defence review chops lots of them, then we'll all PVR because "no-one's getting promoted anymore, there's no room for advancement, there's no chance to have a proper career anymore." Best get myself off to that PA spine quickly!!

Also, according to the MoD pension calculator thing, this "Air ranks retiring on full pay" is a total myth. I thought they did retire on full pay so tried it out; a 5 year old AVM, who joined at 21, planning on retiring at 55 as a level 5 AVM (112 244 salary) leaves with a pension of 56 122 and a gratuity of 168 366.

Extremely generous yes, but not full pay by a long shot!
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