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"This is a classic case of a dumb ass policy thought up by a dumb ass pencil pusher. Itís a shame some of its front line staff canít see that."

I read your quotes re wheelchair policies and while i am not saying i agree with J*'s policiy to me the the point is that at the time the booking was made and at the time of travel a wheelchair policy was in place. I am assuming (possibily a big mistake, i know) that the policies you quoted were taken from the respective airlines sites.

Having made such a bold assumption the question i would ask is why give the front line staff grief for followong current policy. If you believe something is wrong by all means take appropriate steps to have the situation changed. Until then you need to play by the current rules.

We all have choices as did this pax. Did he read the fine print, possibily not, I know I have been guilty of this. The point I am making is he could have chosen another airline if he was not happy with the terms and conditions of travel for J*

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