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Is there a bloody prize for ignorance on PPRuNe?

QF: I have either been right at the entrance door or have seen from within the cockpit, disabled passengers on numerous occasions transferred from their own wheelchair into the aisle chair (so they can get up the aisle to the seat) at the aircraft door. Both coming and going.

The A320 has containers as do many other aircraft. But all of them have the capacity to load bulk cargo, which is normally how passenger's personal wheelchairs are loaded.

If I only had a dollar for every time I have sent an ACARS to QF dispatch saying "pax whlchr in bulk hold...pls bring to dr". Translation for the bloody ignorant: "we have a passenger's personal wheelchair loaded in the bulk hold. Could you please unload immediately on arrival and bring to aircraft door at aerobridge".

He may well be an obnoxious prat, but then JQ can be an obnoxious prat of a company sometimes too.
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