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I know some of you guys will take a shot at this comment, but why does an aircraft of this nature in this day not have something like a G430/530? (actually a G495 hand held would be better, as it gives you a G/S and used in conjunction with the 430). Do they have radar altimeters in the W/W?

Few pages back a a couple of us suggested pushing the minima a little in "emergency" situations, well if you look at the offsets for a VOR approach they are far from runway aligned so no chance of pushing below, if they were only doing a DME arrival the minima is around 1200AGL .

Now look at a RNAV RWY11.......runway aligned.....with two pilots, split the worload and follw three degrees all the way......monitor your progress very carefully and chances are they would have been visual well before the runway. Sure beats the odds on ditching or stooging around in the dark and accidental ditching. Sure breaking a few rules, but far safer in my opinion.
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