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Get Real People - accidents are not accidental!!

The Westwind 1124A is a 2200nm aircraft. It ditched after a 1440nm sector................why..............well I can assure you the good people at ATSB will get to to the bottom of this one (if they are properly funded)

Why did this happen to this jet and never before to other aircraft going to Norfolk Island or Christmas Island or Cocos Island or for matter of fact any other bloody place on the planet!!!!!

Globally, EMS aircraft, both FW and RW are experiencing many tragic accidents..........WHY?????

Was this a classic CFIT, was this poor judgement and decision making by the crew or was this poor safety oversight by the company or was this faulty weather reporting.......... or all the the above??

There is no such thing as an "accident"

Let us encourage the Federal Government to fund the investigation properly and eventually read a report that will educate people in the aviation industry and even others.

No proper investigation results in no proper findings!!!

We all know that accidents....expose huge deficiencies in what was considered a perfectly normal operation. Thats what the investigators are there for.................

Everybody, including the crew should be thankfull that all survived.

let the TRUTH prevail
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