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The REAL facts

um sorry carbonneutral,

Problem is that at this stage the only facts out are that a 767 did a missed approach because of a configuration warning, and that its being investigated.
Unless you have some inside facts which you may well have, the only facts in public that I am aware of at the moment are off the ATSB website which state:

Passing 700 ft on approach into Sydney, the crew commenced a missed approach due to the aircraft being incorrectly configured for landing. During the commencement of the missed approach the "too low gear" GPWS warning activated.
From that report there is no mention of the crew reacting to a warning and initiating a go around. The warning was "TOO LOW GEAR" this is very different to the "GEAR NOT DOWN" warning that is received when landing flaps are selected and any of the landing gear is not down and locked.

I agree with the rest of your post Carbonn. and also wish the media would just report the facts -dreaming-. I don't think everyones speculation on this site does any good on that side of things, but it will always happen and can't be helped.

To others..

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