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The facts


Seems to me as a travelling bystander with family that work in an airline that pilots think the media is at fault for reporting that the A.T.S.B is doing an investigation.

If they weren't doing that, then their wouldn't be any reporters writing stories. Right. So the question is should these pilots be investigated. Not how stupid the reporters are.
No pilot worth his/her salt would object to the press reporting of an ATSB investigation. What is objectionable is the inuendo and sensationalism that goes with it. If the press just stuck to the facts all they would have to work with is the ATSB extract (linked above) and any possible response by Qantas. The problem with that is it would be a little five line filler story or 5 second read by the presenter before moving onto other things. To be "newsworthy" an incident has to be much more sensational than that.

The incident is being investigated, not the pilots. The crew have been stood down as per normal procedure in these cases. There is a proven process to follow when these things happen, it is not very exciting but the problem is when reported accurately it does not make very good copy.
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