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Something really interesting is happening to the ‘Prove It’ poll. The scores were reset to zero at 17.15 GMT and email validation was introduced to protect the integrity of the poll. By 18.50 GMT the ins were at 6 and the outs were at 81. At about 18.53 GMT it appeared that the corrupted poll data were added back into the scores and the scores then read, ins at 5429 and outs at 6521. In the next 3 hours up to 21.53 GMT the ins increased by 6 votes (yes 6) to 5435 and the outs increased by 142 votes to 6663.

So between 17.15 and 18.50 outs were outvoting ins in the ratio of over 13:1. Between 18.53 and 21.53 the outs were outvoting the ins by over 23:1. Can anyone confirm the integrity of this polling rate?


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