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I am convinced.

For me, the killer observation was the increasing rate at which all-time weather records were being broken even 20 years ago. On its own, each new record was insignificant, but clearly something was on the move when so many of them started falling in such a short time.

Given the historical weather extremes, there is no conceivable weather that has not occurred previously. To argue from this that there is no need to worry is fallacious. It is the rate of change that is unprecedented. Mass extinctions are now, IMHO, probable. It will take animal and plant evolution some considerable time to re-establish a new equilibrium with the new atmosphere.

The evidence has been there for the last twenty years, and we have done almost nothing. We will eventually panic, but we will then do too little too late.

If we don't fix it, nature is going to have to fix the problem. This can only be by a serious culling of humanity. We have to be on her extinction list.

And if nature can't fix it, Earth ceases to be exceptional as a planet. We become another volcanic lump of rock.

So get out there and start planting trees - like fury.
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