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The total depth of your knowledge needs to be what I wrote, and no more. Not sure at what stage your career is at, but probably you need to spend the time now at the procedures manuals, rather than the systems manuals. Reading up about RVRs, CAT3, MSAs and what cold temperatures do to them, winds across mountain ranges and what effect it has on you, fuel regulations, checklists and checklist construction.....and a million other things. Then come and tell me all about them.
Both answers are wrong according to Part B as stated. One of the injustices in life is that once a question has been 'passed' by the appropriate authority as OK, it becomes the new truth, even if the answer is plainly wrong. Once it goes on the answer sheet as that answer, there is no changing it unless said 'appropriate authority' authorises it. That costs money. So we end up in a situation where some questions are wrong, and are known to be wrong. I suspect that is the case we have here.
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