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dear dick byrne

whats a sciolist?i presume you mean socialist?i fail to see how please explain?or are you employing im from sciolo!?

i dont know alot about ryr, but i do know a certain amount as i briefly enquired about working for them once.you said a family members earns 3 - 5k per month for the last 18 months.so they paid 35k to join, lets use 4k as an average 4 times 18 equals 72.so when you take out the 35k they paid for the job we are left with 37k over 18 months which roughly means they are being paid 24k a year gross approx.to me this is not something to be particularly proud of,maybe im wrong?thats assuming that no interest on the 35k of course.then pay loss of licence insurance,uniform,recurrent sim,pension, health insurance,union subs...or no wait your not alowed join one of those,saved money there!.pay for your own food at work,teabags,lets not forget a little tax too,maybe some income protection insurance as going sick isnt an option at ryr,no sick pay.great deal isnt it.why do ryr do this because if this individual doesnt accept someone else will,see what i mean now about the whole cheap labour and lots to replace you.not really bullshit is it.this person isnt being replaced as such....why beacuse he accepts appauling terms.

the keep your head down reference please expand.i think you mean act like the model prisoner and dont rock the boat.are you a pilot,do you have much direct experience of the industry.why should a highly trained professional have to keep his head down in such a safety dependent industry....what ryrs approach to crew going fatigued.ummmm let me think oh ya,you dont get paid.or when your ill and dont feel up to work but you need the days pay you cant go sick why....you dont get paid.is this the head down stuff you refer to.this head down crap is just that.dangerous scarmongering nonsense.there had being lots of serious accidents and lives lost due to f/os keeping their heads down,or crews unwilling to rock the boat, try klm 747 in the canaries for a start.

but thanks for giving us a financial insight and proving my point on the degradation of terms and conditions.

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