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having read the posts and listened to both sides of the arguement, i have not heard what i consider a single valid reason why one would choose the ryr scheme.not one.the main one being its better than the dole queue,is it though?i dont think it is because you have just spent 35k for the right seat, and in 12 months time someone else will spend 35k to replace you.i wonder what will happen to your terms

this leads me onto g-awzk post above and a comment he made about pilots begin intelligent and his surprise at them paying to fly.why would you pay for a type rating and thereby contribute to that airline being able to offer cheap flights to the costa del chav brigade.do doctors pay for their jobs so the can offer patients cheaper health care?

therein for me lies the problem for me.people who have paid for the tr at ryr recently,why would such crap terms attract you?because of the prospect of it leading to something better.well we have already established it wont,this is clearly destroying and downgrading our profession.i now earn not alot more than a tube drive as a pilot with large uk jet operator, no disrespect to tube drivers but it took me along time to qualify.why, because there is a shed load of cheap labour,who are not only cheap but will also pay to sit in my seat.

i think the real reason why people are attract to pay to fly is very shallow indeed,the reason people accept these terms is due to two things.firstly immaturity 18-25 and their mates think its 'cool' and the second is a complete lack of perspective on the bigger picture.

we have established why they can afford it,mummy and daddy are delighted because their little jonny is a pilot,never mind the fact they are a 100k down paying for it, and he has a job where he has zero benefits

its interesting hearing those who say they are now working for ryr,this is the central issue,you do not work for ryanair.you are temporary agency staff.thats all.temporary agency staff....35k for this.you invest 70k in getting a licence and then 35k to destroy the career you chose to enter.great

so all i have is one question, what do you think the career of a pilot will be like in 5 years time due to pay to fly?infact it it could be a new thread!

p.s.by the way im not just slagging off ryr,this is across the board,very few airline dont not indulge in this disgusting exploitation of the naive.

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