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Well was it days or weeks? Only you know.

My opinion is one that I am giving with the best of intentions. I am not out to wind people up. I am not out to belittle. I am not out to gain attention. I do find it all rather funny though, achieveing some of the cantankerous, ill thought out responses that I am - but that's just a nice byproduct for me.

You can get a job without paying for the TR or the selection - FACT. Perhaps not right now, but the right people can and will. The wrong people wont. The impatient wont. And the people who take the easy option wont. If you wont let timing a.k.a. luck doesn't favour you then you wont. If you are a quitter then you wont.

We must accept that there are horses for courses. The purpose of this thread, or any other is not to tear strips off each other but to display our views and perhaps point out something that sits particuarly well with (i.e. helps make the decision for) someone who is a 'horse' that shares our same 'course' or is wondering which 'horse' they are.

Honestly though, no wonder this industry has descended into the shit it has. And no wonder the UK is in the shit it is.
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