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No company gives out free type ratings then does not use the pilot, unless they do in dreamland or a computer game!
I am not in a slagging match as you say…sorry if you have taken it that way…maybe the guy you called a parasite took offence to you? One rule for you another for everyother member?
I am just saying what people are thinking i.e you should stop
  • Calling people parasites etc
  • Acting like a know it all chief pilot…
  • Who really is a frozen ATPL holder
  • With no job and a “free type rating”…
  • Claims Ryanair pilots are dangerous and will cause serious accidents in the future!!
I think your claim that they will cause accidents proves you have some unfounded deep hatred for the company! And that your word is to be taken with a pinch of salt!and hence your posts contribute nothing.

So Actually Beak it does matter how you could be a trainee ATPL pilot with a free type rating, work in an airline and lose your job ALL in period of 18months.
A) The company went into financial issues and dropped you...
B) or they discovered no Captain in their company could sit with you for any extended duration in the cockpit
C) its a big fat lie
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