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The evidence is there that during the Maunder Minimum (1640 to 1740) there was a 'mini Ice Age'. There were no sunspots in that period: fairs were held on the Thames, where in 1699, the ice was about 15 feet thick. During the early 1500s, oranges were grown outdoors in the south of England while in the 1200s, grapes were grown in southern Sweden.

Figures published last month showed global temperatures have dropped to 1999 levels, while the Swede acknowledged as the leading expert on ice caps and glaciers says that oif all the polar ice caps melted, the sea level rise would be about 1.5mm - yes, millimetres. One of the Antarctic ice shelves is actually growing in size....

A much bigger problem to address is overpopulation. It's no use bitching about an ageing population needing younger people to look after them - we haven't got the resources to feed a population growing at the rate it is, Much more of a problem than climate change.

But climate change is a very good scam for rasing taxes and giving money to research grants who come up with more scams needing more money.......
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