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Flight Attendant / Stewardess / Trolley Dolly

Here is my 2 cents. I normally reside in the Freight Dogs ( never forget, brown boxes don`t talk back ) and always admire the c%#p you people put up with. From a simple guy to you all.

1. Not interested if the girl is pretty or not so. I like the uniform to be smartly presented and I like a smile because a smile makes me smile especially when its 0600 and off to AMS.

2. Departure time and arrival time....so long as its on time I am a happy chappy.

3. Safety - its gotten to be a joke. As far as I am concerned - the most important item is your location in the aircraft i.e. how many rows am I from the emergency exit ? I count both ways everytime. The rest is tut.

4. Emergencies - had an experience with a FR crew, the aircraft depressurized and we had to don the masks. No big deal but did the ladies who were looking after assist or direct the people who forgotten instantly to pull the line to get the oxygen through....no way. They sat and did nothing. I thought the crew had proper masks ? Surely they could have gone through the cabin with their own...dare I say a proper oxygen mask independant of the aircrafft. I know the cockpit crew do. What about you ?

Just keep smiling but please remember - safety is the only thing thats important - me I`d prefer to be in Hold 5 along with the dogs & cats....much more space to stretch and have a kip.

Otherwise I love the Cabin Crew forum especially the thread about the celebs......just brilliant.......back to Freight Dogs !! Keep it up ! See you all soon.

y = > r
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