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HighHeeled-FA, you wrote:

When you first toyed with the idea about being a 'stewardess' (or whatever you want to call it) when you were 8 or even 18, can you honestly say hand on heart that you didn't picture yourself looking like the models on the Virgin Advert? Did you really not imagine marrying a handsome pilot? Did you really not imagine yourself wearing the highest heels and tightest skirt whilst serving coffee? Did you really not imagine walking through the terminal with all eyes looking at you-whether it be male or female? I doubt it.
Now, I can hand on heart say that when I toyed with the idea of this job, I hadn't even heard of Virgin Atlantic. I've never had an aspiration of marrying a pilot nor wearing what I call a "tarty" outfit (the one you describe anyway). I did think it would be cool to have people looking as I walked through the terminal though, and guess what? Yes, that does happen now.

That's my honest reply.


PS. The actual reason I wanted to become cc is because I wanted to be like the nice ladies who gave me a toy and a pin when I flew as a child. They seemed nice and smiled all the time, and that, for some reason, inspired me.
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