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In your opinion concerning foreign reg aircraft flown by foreign licenced pilots in Europe, could these pilots be discriminated against by as it was put "residency" rules?

ie at the top end of GA there are many foreign reg corporate aircraft and jets flown by foreign licenced pilots in Europe. The European Pilots earn a living from flying these aircraft but could be discriminated against and loose their income because they happen to be European rather than American.

On the lower end of GA many aircraft are owned and flown on N reg! could those private pilots/owners suffer hardship and financial damage through regulations which inhibit their operations and with no redress?

Maybe not so much to do with the IMCR but especially with Private N reg small GA a lot to do with it.

May I add getting rid of N reg has been tried many times before and failed. Surely the best way to get rid of N reg in the so called "freedom of choice and free world" is to put something more attractive in place?


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