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I would love if the IMCR in the UK was extended around Europe. I'd be first in the queue to get it.

If an enroute IMC rating became available, but didn't include any instrument approaches, then I'd probably still get it, but I'm not so sure how often I'd use it.

At present, my licence allows me to fly VFR on top of an overcast (provided I can get up there and back down VFR). However it's a privlidge that I rarely use. It's something that I only do when I must, and always only when there are sufficient holes visible to get back down. I won't fly on top based on my destination being clear of cloud.

So all this additional rating would provide me would be the ability to climb on top and desend in IMC, (I wouldn't need to be VMC). The problem I see with this, is that I'd only NEED (not necessarily want, but only NEED) this privlidge when the cloud base was very low. Ie. I'm not happy below the cloud base, and want to find nicer weather above it. Now if I choose to use this rating to get above it, it might be difficult to get back down if the cloud base is so low enroute.

Of course as the rating is current proposed, it's pretty much irrelevant. VFR on departure, and VFR on arrival.......I can do that on my basic PPL, flying above an overcast. What I can't do is fly IMC enroute, but that's hardly much of an advantage.

I just can't see myself flying IMC enroute, or above an overcast with no way down, and now approach training or privilidges, while trusting that the weather won't change at my destination. It would only be a matter of time before I found myself in serious trouble.

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