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I'm very happy with the performance of the Lightspeed Zulu though I don't use (or particulary want) the bluetooth facility - which I feel sure would greatly impact on the battery life. Care is needed when placing the headset back in its case because you can get accidental power up - although it does have a timer to auto shutdown after a period of non-activity so that shouldn't drain the battery. The power switch I think needs either a plastic guard or to be countersunk sufficiently so preventing accidental operation.

Lightspeed advertising does somewhat bull-up the hi-fi quality of the headset for music use but comparing it with non-aviation hi-fi headphones I thought it was just a little better than average (though their LRC processing improves the experience). Unsurprisingly though in comparision with my Sennheiser HD600 it looses out bigtime
I'm happy with the ANR performance and the comfort of the Zulu, it does exactly what I bought it for
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