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There are lots of flies in the GW ointment at the moment.

The data released by the earth satellite temperature monitoring organisation in America states that the earth has cooled slightly over the last decade. Bit of a snag for the GW brigade.

UK Aviation will be destroyed by a Government punitive taxation program aimed squarely at fail social engineering. How dare those who work, pay taxes, own their own homes, have the audacity NOT to use public transport, take a few weeks off and fly?

If ICAO, as an overarching organisation, arranged 'taxation' in a global effort then maybe, just maybe, it would be fair. To tax UK based airlines, transit passengers don't pay the APD or airport taxes, is just an knife in the back to those airlines.

BALPA backed studies and polls have shown that, on a long haul flight to Australia, 80% of passengers would rather take a SH connecting flight to Europe then the LH flight to avoid Gordon Browns taxes.

If, and it is a very tentative if, the taxes were 'ring fenced' for the purpose of tackling the supposed 'effects' of the demonic airline industry then I could have a little sympathy. However, as the taxes go to top up the black hole created after 12 years of failed social engineering I, along with most of my colleagues, see this as nothing more than another money grabbing technique to add to the raft of UK stealth taxes.

Time for the Eurocrats to get off their collective ar$es and sort out the aviation industry. As much as the beardy ones would love to portray our industry as Bealzebubs spawn, without it the world wide economy would grind to a halt. When the 'campaigners' show off their nice, shiny new electric trains, where does the UK electricity come from? When they showcase their wind turbines, how much carbon goes into the manufacture and transport?

Do we see 'Ship Stupid' outside of the gates of Felixstowe and Harwich? Nope, but in there you have huge ships powered by 1960's design heavy fuel oil reciprocating diesel engines. Emissions? Anyone who has flown low level through the sulphur smut out of Tokyo knows what I mean. How much tax does the shipping industry pay? Very little as their fuel is the heavily contaminated bottom of the cracking tower fluid that no one else wants.

Wake up UK, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are robbing you blind to cover up for their mistakes now that the private pension fund tax cash cow has died. We will all be paying in the future, only the target industry will change when the current one is dead.

Rant over!
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