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OK I'll bite

Cars do more damage to climate than air travel YET UK Govt is subsidising thousands of sales of new cars.
The point in the scrappage scheme is to get inefficient vehicles off of the road and replacing them with newer, 'greener' vehicles.
Oh please DO give us some examples of sustainable "green" vehicles and please include all carbon costs involved in their construction.

Oh hang on, errrr, did I ask the wrong question there????

I am amazed that after 2 gulf wars, Iraq, WMD, Hutton, Mandelson, Pensions, Gold sell off's, our soldiers dying in Afganistan for the want of bloody ladders (never mind helecopters), that ANYONE is dumb enough to actually believe what the lying, theiving bunch of ****'s that run this country promote as the truth!
Really, it's all just manipulation and mass mind control.
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