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Isn't aviation 'public transport'?

A few years ago, fat boy 'Two Jags' Prescott (the then Deputy PM), declared that everyone should get out of their cars and on to public transport.
Well... isn't aviation public transport?!?!?! As much as the privately owned trains in the UK with government built infrastructure.. no???

300 people in a plane is mass transport in my understanding with (probably) lower CO2 emissions than anything else.

The problem with aviation I think arises from the fact that is the newest type of transportation that is considered 'posh' due to the very fact that 20-30 years ago tickets cost insane amounts of money, and people were served champagnes smokes cigars and had golden watches in their wrists. Forget about all that, and its nothing more than an insanely cheap (in money and environmental effect) way of mass transport. (were mass=public cause trains in the UK are not public!!!).

Why isn't aviation considered as 'public transport' can anyone give a good answer to that???

SLF here but the thread is not only pilot related I believe.
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