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The only reason Qlink most pilots remain in AFAP is for access to the MBF loss of licence insurance - currently worth $550K. I'm sure if the same deal was offered through AIPA it would definitely be a no brainer. I've heard this time and time again from Qlink pilots as to the reason they haven't made the move to AIPA. It's a shame that something as relatively minor as that (i.e. something that could be changed) is the reason we haven't made a majority move to the union that is actually active in protecting the interests of its members.

For those of you whinging about AIPA, trying being a member of AFAP and calling them about a CAREER affecting issue such as this new transfer of business legislation that is set to ruin any chance of movement/employment within the group. They DID NOT CARE ONE SCRAP! AIPA on the other hand are actively pursuing it after recognising the seriousness of the situation for group pilots.

Time to move towards ONE pilot union protecting the interests of ALL Qantas group pilots and most of us know which one that is...

Nice work Barry Jackson, keep it up
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