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Capt Kremin
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Human Nature 101: Humans tend the follow the easiest path instead of the most effective (and slightly more difficult) path.

We see it writ large here.

Exercise A:

Choose between the following two options as the most effective means of dealing with the current travails of the industry.

1. Become actively involved in the direction that your industrial organisation is taking. Be prepared to accept changing circumstances and attitudes as the industrial landscape unfolds. Form strategic alliances. Realise that the true enemy is not your fellow pilots.


2. Loudly whinge about actions taken by others in the distant past that, even though they may not have affected you directly, you can use to do nothing to advance your circumstances, rationalise your predjudices and generally play directly into the hands of consultants whose raison detre is to keep pilots from presenting a united front.

Your choice guys and girls.
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