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Keg :

I don't think they're referring to '89. Rather, they're referring to the Eastern's case that was being run against Australian when QF took over or even more recently, the actions of AIPA under Chris Manning back in May '01 when we bought Impulse.
Yeah I know. I was using it purely as a (particularly good) example of how some pilots can hold a grudge for a very long period of time.

Douglas McDonnell :
How about CMs attitude in Sydney in 2001? The arrogance was unbelievable.
This is the same CM who went on to screw Q pilots over by moving from AIPA president to company chief pilot and the same CM who has now left the airline for good. How you can continue to use him as the litmus test for Q pilots proves that you possibly need a change in career... God only knows how you would cope if the bureau threw an inter on the TTF 4 hours after the TAF was issued.

Oxidant :
At the moment, it is all just more words.......
When terms & conditions start to rise towards the Qantas EBA, for Link, J* et al, then I will congratulate all involved!
Yep, just sit back and watch it happen mate. Throw peanuts and the odd comment from the sidelines, but be sure never to be constructive. Why don't you get off your lazy butt, head into the office of whatever union you are a member of, and do something to improve your lot instead of sitting by and waiting for things to get better around you. And don't tell me about that one time you headed in and graciously donated a half day of your time to the union. The time is now mate! Whether it is AIPA or not, I think it is time you gave a little rather than sitting back and waiting to receive....
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