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spending time in a decathalon to learn the correct operations for such systems as CSU's WILL save you a truck load of money in the long run because I reckon a CSU endorsement in a Mooney or 210 will be alot more expensive.

What rubbish, 30+ hours in a 152 for your GFPT and around that for your PPL in a 172/DA20/Eagle etc will be a fair whack cheaper than a Decathalon thats for sure!

3-5 hours in a M201 for your CSU and retrac and you're on your way. You'd be nuts to pay for this in a 210 unless mums purse was nursing you aloft.

The decathalon is a brilliant machine for a tailwheel as opposed to the Moth/chipmonk/Robin or even TAC's Cap10B (if its even operating yet)

as far as i know RACWA is the only organisation that accepts instructors with no 'real' world experience. Do they accept instuctors from other flying schools who have completed there Instructor Rating with RACWA or does ALL the training need to of been completed there?
All the operators on the field would give you a start if you do the initial SEFIR with them. I do not know of any Junior 3's that have completed training elsewhere from RACWA and been given a start. Perhaps Grade 1's with significant experience, but not a junior 3.
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