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Hi Guys,

I just love it when FR get free advertising! Now for the issues:

1) How many new guys flying recently would be doing so if they had not done a SSTR plus line hours... I can honestly say from our point of view.. nearly nil

2) It is very easy for us to choose between a guy that spent three years in the states, got a good tan, bummed around and eventually got a FATPL against a guy that did it in 18 months

3) In todays climate, Type ratings with no hours on type are not worth a light, unfortunate and sad for those that went down that route before the industry imploded, but nevertheless a fact..why.. training risk and cost

4)Is the turbo prop guy with 2000hrs going onto a jet via SSTR getting an advantage.. YES.. simply because of Agency demand for 1500 JAR 25 and Hull loss insurance

5) Is the like of the ATP scheme good for the industry.. YES...why? reduces cost per cockpit, promotes airline expansion and keeps other guys in work. The general problem is these schemes got a bad name as other more high profile providers failed to deliver the line training in the agreed time, guys ended up out of check and recency..the rest is history

6)You are entitled to your opinion.. as is everyone else, but don't Blame PPRuNe.. they need advertising revenues too, maybe we should only allow professional pilots on here with a subscription fee.. kick off all the idiots and geeks whom have never been in a plane and with clearly no clue about our industry

7) Is there any going back to the old days, recruitment from frozen ATPL with 170 hrs.. probably not..just look at the hold pools being closed down and the number of contract pilots going up.. 40% of our summer expansion is via agency contract staff! Fact is, these ATP guys could be some of the 40% next year..Hmmm

Am I anything to do with ATP.. No, but I do know where the crews will end up, the scheme is legit as far as we can see.. If I was looking for a chance, albeit at a price, I would seriously consider this type of program while places exist.. No doubt ATP will also get a load of enquiries from the typed no hours guys as well..!
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