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How far does it go?

I hold a full ATPL and have more than 2000hrs on MPA/JAR 25/Multi/Turbine/Jet/EFIS what have you. So do several of my colleagues, but we are not flying A320s or B737s. For job security - or the illusion of such-some of my colleagues are now forking up money to retrain on A320s and B737s. Well aware that at the end of it they will probably need to pay for line training be it LHS or RHS until they have enough hours on type to match the no/low timers. Who benefits from this? This is just a game of outbidding each other! I can remember a time where a CPL/IR-ME(L) was enough to land an F/O position. Then came ATPL theory requirements, then JAR-FCL (no more national lisences), then came MCC, JOC, CRM, DG and so on. Now it is exceptional if a carrier will take you without a typerating even with thousands of hours. I sent out some applications, and even with four typeratings (not all current mind you)- Guess what!? "Sorry, min. 300hrs on type" and that was the most positive reply I got.

I bet, if we keep accepting this, it wound be long before the minimum will be 1000 hours on type, full ATPL and a masters degree :-)

Hey! I just had a business idea! Lets all chip in and start a university that charges say GBP 100.000 (plus extras) and train people to the previously mentioned requirements. Then, one could truely have an airline where the people could travel for free! Look out FR here comes trouble!
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