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I cannot agree with you more. These ATP schemes are only continuing to narrow our chances of finding jobs and yet people still find the money to fund these ratings knowing that after their placement they are without jobs.

Im sorry guys but I find it absolutely revolting to say the least to have to pay to fly on the RHS. Why should we people who have a Frozen ATPL(A) have to pay to fly after it already cost a fortune. Its absolutely ridiculus and still people are falling for these tricks. Guess what guys after you get the placement...guess were you are going to be..on your sofa with more debt and seeing your next placement flying on the RHS flying instead of you. And this will continue. So how can we eventually get the job? If we are working for free!!!!!

I think some sort of organsation should be formed to try and close down these organisations who are causing this daylight robery.
Its true you will have a TR and the odd 300 for 400 hrs but your ATP is still frozen and you will still struggle to find a job with more debt. I work in the airline industry and I just finished ATPL(A) training a few months ago. These are bad times so we need patience and I know poeple with 1000 ir more hrs on type without jobs so do you think your odd 300 hrs are going to help so much?

Sorry if I offended people who are getting into these schemes but wake up and realise that this roation will keep on going if we do not put a stop to it after all airlines are business and no one will refuse someone working for free!!!!!!!!!!!!
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