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Dear Moderate,
I have no issue with the air force types joining the National airline. In fact it is good resource management. Perhaps we should take a page off Singapore. They have a scheme in place for three types of cadets. The first is for Singaporean cadets after National service at the age of 28. The second is for Malaysian ‘cousins’ at a tender age of 18 and lastly air force pilots whose age may vary from 35yrs to 45yrs. But at the end of the day the safeguards ensure that every thing evens out. (ie) The Malaysian does not steal a march over the National Cadet. The air force pilot need not do as many sectors as an ‘ab initio’ pilots. It works well. The ball is in the court of Flight Ops. That will sort out the dissention in the ranks. As you and I know the local ‘ab initio’ cadets undergo extreme hardships, to pursue their dream, in terms of blood, sweat and tears which is a process of natural selection (survival of the fittest) as compared to the air force cadets who went through Officer Quality Tests and Aptitude Tests. Training at Government’s expense!
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